Brio news fall 2009

We knew Brio was not going on well, but this year some clever ideas are coming to their catalog:

- 5 new locomotives
- Electric locomotive: the classic green or red is redesigned, but in a gray and more realistic design
- Speedy bullet train train: a push along great locomotive, in the style of American locomotives
- Green freight locomotive : once again in the style of American locomotives
- bold switching engine: little engine pushing
- popup hood engine: a car where the hood
can be lifted

- 4 new cars, a "clever" crane wagon in fact two cars, one with a load with realistic design, a tank wagon, a timber wago, a coal wagon ... all very redesigned for more realism

What to deduce from those news? no new building, some round circuits with Disney characters, it reinvents without innovating because inovating is expensive ...

In addition, the American design clearly gives a good idea of the market for these new elements.

Currently, many european merchants offer their own range of alternatives, the strategy seems to keep Brio trains because this is the real added value identified to date at Brio ...